October 2020 meeting notes


  1. Meeting was called to order by President Bob Bailey at 9:00 AM
  2. Members Present :  24
  3. New Members Present:  0

Treasurers Report:    GENERAL FUND;  $590.25   RACING FUND;$191.35   TOTAL;  $781.60

Race Director:   None

Membership/Webmaster  Website up to date


  1. Namba rules on race day regarding buoy infractions will allow the race director to waive the penalty.
  2. There will be no penalty on turn one for buoy infraction.
  3. All racers new to Castaways must demonstrate their skills by  racing  in a beginners class for at least 2 racing events
  4. The race director or any club officer will ensure that each boat presented for a race to conform to club regulations.
  5. UL 19 class requires the boat to be factory stock .except for propeller changes.

New Bussiness:

  1. Nominations for 2021 board  to remain the same  Final voting at the November meeting
  2. Christmas Party discussed.  Location TBD.  Committee to include Dave Kane , Mike Pepe and Joe Hathaway.
  3. Discussion on New PA System for Races. Ken Ryker to look into New system cost.

Closed business at 9:55 Am by Bob Bailey.