May 2020 Meeting Notes

This meeting was held at our Lake Mir Mar test and tune site due to the ongoing pandemic.

The meeting was conducted by Vice Pres. Jack Cristine and opened at 0900 hours.

Motion was made and passed to skip the reading of last month’s minutes.


Treasurers Report – Mike Roemer

Total funds $641.60   with $560.25 in the General fund and $81.35 in the race fund.

A few of the outgoing expenses from the race fund have been $200.00 for the PA system – $40.00 for the pond rental which is unused and to our credit.

and $170.00 for tape.

Mike also mentioned that he had been made aware of the fact that Jim Bakers boats will eventually be for sale.

The following are listed in the order that they were brought up and discussed –

Fruitland Park it is open but no groups of more than ten people allowed – this is posted.

Racing with social distancing difficulties was discussed .

Dave V. spoke to Michelle – we can use a storage area at the concession stand at our own risk or we could get another plastic locker

like the one we have been using.  This is in relation to eventually storing the PA system. It was later learned that Dave stored this in an

air conditioned dry space at his home before selling it to the club.  This problem of dry storage was not finalized at this time.


Test and Tune – Everglades is still available on Wednesdays if desired for use.


At Lake Mira Mar we will officially be going back to our 8:30 to 10:00 AM schedule as this is what is listed in the Recreation News.

In actuality the hours sort of seem to run from 8AM to almost 10AM.


Discussion re Race Rules and lack of drivers willing to race.  Interested persons to discuss before the first race of the season. Date is

unknown at this time due to pandemic rules.


The meeting was adjourned at 0930 hrs. with a big sigh of relief by the VP.