July 2019 minutes

Castaways Boat Worx Minutes  July 11, 2019 

Members Present:                        17

New Members:                              none   

Pledge of Allegiance:                    done

Minutes                                          June minutes Approved

Treasurer:   Mike Roemer        

The breakdown is General Fund:  517.25  Racing Fund: 1056.50            Total 1573.75

Race Director:                               no report

Maintenance:       Larry replaced buoys and cleared the grass at Vets Park

Safety:                                            none 

Membership/ Webmaster            no report

Training:                                        no report

Publicity:    Dave reported that the recreation Dept. has offered our club the opportunity to sign up to use the new lake at Marshbend Rec. Center once the area opens.  A discussion followed and the consensus was that the President will take a look at the facilities and if acceptable, Dave has the application to be filed.  Sundays from 3 – 6 pm was the suggested time.  If this doesn’t work for the club we can cancel.

Rules:                                           no report

Old Business: Camp Villages boats need to be taped. Some boats are no longer working properly.  If you are an observer, insure that you time the kids use of the boat to 5 minutes.  Members arrive at 7:30am

Program starts at 9am.  President will check on Camp Villages shirts for members.  No PA system needed.   Mike R will supervise parking lot.  Next Camp Villages is AUGUST 6.

New Business: 

Race Day at Veterans Park… No change to schedule.  Only 3 members signed up as of this meeting.  Rescue boat needs cleanup and to be made ready to use as a rescue boat.

Christmas Party:  Dave V. Offered his home and membership voted yes and thanked Dave and his wife for supplying the location.

Jerry offered to help.

Bring your significant other.Date: December 17 at 10am

$10 limit on presents.  Membership meeting will be held at the party.

George M stated Bob Bailey has a screen and camera equipment but questioned who has other specific equipment.


Trophies:  Mike R has given the trophies and their responsibility to Bob Bailey.  A discussion of whether trophies should be presented annually or semi-annually.  Since we are half way through the year, it will remain the same for now.  Certificates will be handed out every 6 months.

Closed business at 9:41am. 

REMINDER: August 6