Feb 2020 meeting notes


A) Meeting was called to order by President Bob Bailey at 9:00 AM.

B). Members Present: 24

C) New Members 3. None Prese

D) Treasurers Report: GENERAL FUND: $720.35. RACING FUND:$357.00 TOTAL: $1077.35

E). Race Director: Rick Smith: Make sure everybody has NAMBA cards for race day

F) Maintenance: Larry Minton No Report

G) Membereship: 3 new members from Everglades

H) Old Business:

1). Helping out on race day either early or late. Makes it easier for all concerned.

2) Club recoil boats. Date to set up to check all 17″ Recoil boats for Camp Villages and Day at the lake.

I) New Business:

1) We gad a work day at Bill’s. house to rebuild the dock section for race day. Thanks to the people that showed up.

2). Outdoor expo to be held Feb 22 and Feb 23 at the Hacienda Recreation Center.

3) Castaways Boat Worx will be doing 2 Camp Villages this summer

The Meeting was adjourned at 9:45 AM by President Bob Bailey.