August 2020 minutes

August 13, 2020


Call Meeting to order;    Called at 0900 hours

Sign in sheet:   Not used due to Covid

Pledge of Allegiance:  Recited

Reading of last meetings minutes:  Motion to skip this – passed

Treasurers Report:  Mike R.      General Fund  $590.25     Race fund $146.35     Total – $736.60


Reports –

Race and events Director  None

Publicity   None

Safety       Hadley requested that all operators stand in the designated area while driving their boats – also return incoming boats

to the correct area for pickup.

Membership    None

Training              None

Webmaster      George was not present due to illness.  A note he sent to Secretary  stated 49 paid up members with 58 members on the email list.

The difference is that some of the old members have not deleted themselves and George does not delete them hoping they may return.

Jim Baker is still on the list as he is paid up for this year.

He further wrote that the website is up to date including the last minute addition of last month’s minutes.  ( this due to yours truly being

a bit slow to send them in.)


Old Business    When running your boats at Lake Mira Mar PLEASE be on the LOOKOUT for the DUCKS  that may be in the course area.  They are very hard to see depending on the light at the time and they are sure that they have the right of way. We have a lot of them because when we are not using the lake many people are feeding them in violation of the posted signs.  So use caution please.


New Business   Per the Pres:   Some photos of our boats will be coming soon – they will be shown to all interested.  Remember this is YOUR club.

Kudos to Jack for taking over from Stanley with the rescue boat. Thank you Stanley for your years of service and thank you Jack

Jack for taking on this important job.  We just can’t get the new guy to go out in the BFGRB at the race lake!


Races – Pit persons must be used if the number of people are available and willing (and able) to do so.  Also if you are going to race Namba rules require you to display your NAMBA NUMBER in a manner that it may be seen by all.  This is on your person and on any race boats. (embroidered on the rear of your hat works well)


Adjournment of meeting – 0925 hours