August 2019 Minutes

Castaways Boat Worx Minutes   August 8 , 2019 

Members Present:  18                      

New Members:    none                            

Pledge of Allegiance:   Completed

Minutes     Approved                                     

Treasurer:   Mike Roemer        

The breakdown is General Fund: 625.25           Racing Fund: 1046.60                   Total  1671.85

Race Director:      none                         

Maintenance:       none

Safety:               none                             

Membership/ Webmaster       none     

Training:                  none                     

Publicity:    none

Rules:      none                                     

Old Business:

President Pepe raised a question about the Everglades lake ability to host fast RC boat racing .  His observation is that there is already grass growing in the middle of the lake and questions whether the size is any advantage over where we test and tune now.

Members offered suggestions relative to trying out the lake to ascertain its usefulness. 

A discussion of the Grand Opening of the Recreation center at Everglades ensued.  The direction given was for Dave V to follow up and get information regarding the Grand Opening.

New Business: 

Kenny Ryker informed our President that former President Ron Saunders died of an aneurism on August 7.  He died after admission to The Villages Hospital and subsequent transfer to Shands Hospital.

Larry presented a battery issue caused by battery connections for the Veterans Park lake recovery boat motor.  The boat may need a new battery and Larry will report back with a solution.


Larry reminded the membership that on race days at the lake, all members and their boats are welcomed and they are not expected to race.

Racers were reminded that there need to be a highly visible marking on the bottom of the hull in case of a tip-over.

Stan initiated a conversation regarding the P-limited Cat boats and how they are not showing up.  Members promised to bring theirs to future events.  It was observed that this class was an important step in the racing process for new members.

Vice President Bailey initiated a discussion about our club and social media.  After the discussion of “the Village Friendly Folks” an online social media group,  Dave V will contact George M to ascertain the availability of RC Racing Videos to be used in increasing our visibility using on-line social media sites.

Trophies are being engraved and certificates are being printed for the semi-annual presentations of RC Boat race winners by class. The engraving will cost about $90.00.

The need for back-up rescue boats was discussed.  Several members volunteered to be backups.

Jerry brought up the idea of “a day at the lake at the Everglades center.  This discussion morphed into the idea of our running at the Grand Opening day of the recreation center.  Dave V will follow up with his contact about our running and demonstrating at the grand opening.

Don’t forget about August 13 for test and tune at the lake in Fruitland Park.

Closed business at. 9:38 am.