September meeting notes



Meeting notes for September 8th 2016

Executive meeting attendance:  Presiding      Ron Saunders (President)

Mike Pepe (Vice President)

Dave Cylenica (Secretary)

George Meidhof (Webmaster)

Ken Ryker (Maintenance)

Mike Roemer (Racing)

Len Hilbert (Safety)



-Len Hilbert (Safety) had nothing to add.

-Ken Ryker (Maintenance) had nothing to add.

-Dave Cylenica (Secretary) brought up the idea of having a bag of small prizes for winners in different race categories.

-Ron Saunders brought up the formation of a rules committee —-after  discussion from George Meidhof (Webmaster) as to all                                   persons needing to know what is going on at all times as well   as what changes are being made, Namba or otherwise.

Ron also talked about the close call he had with fire in his  garage.

-Mike Pepe (VP)  had nothing to add (especially donuts).

-Mike Roemer (Racing) mentioned that he still needed volunteers for  Taveras.


George Meidhof (Webmaster) made mention how it is that changes occur all   the time {General Rules, Plastic, wood, fiberglass, airfoils                              etc, (or Namba engine size replacements)} but the word does not get out to all the members. He feels that we must have                                  some better type of communication for the sake of the club.

George further mentions that if we are to continue to have   TIME TRIALS, then we need to formalize it and have back                            up people to run it.

-Mike Roemer brought up the notion that came up before and that was “are  we going to have inspections?”  This came about due to some                        mention of a proposal from Steve at Off Shore Electric and  changing motor sizes (61mm) in the P-Limited class.  Mike                            asked “Who will do the inspecting?.” ie. Epoxy vs. Wood.





Members attending——-        1. Ron Saunders

  1. Mike Pepe
  2. Dave Cylenica
  3. George Meidhof
  4. Ken Ryker
  5. Mike Roemer
  6. Jack Sherburne
  7. Len Hilbert
  8. Jerry Hone
  9. Gary Carr
  10. Stan Westbrook
  11. Rich Barrett
  12. Dave Vollmers
  13. Hadley Straughoner
  14. Fernando Gutierrez
  15. Rick Smith
  16. Larry Minton
  17. Anthony ? (DAILY SUN)
  18. Paul Pazitney
  19. Lars Lindell

President, Ron S.

-Attendance seems to have suffered.  Heat and rain have had possibly?

-Membership is increasing, 6 or 7 in the past month.  We need to get the names and addresses of all members.

-Memo from Namba regarding new rules for P-Limited.  You cannot  go over 61mm engine size. New motor is TP-3658 (58mm long).

-He explained the seriousness he experienced with a fire in his garage.

VP, Mike P.

-Is making some changes to the Applications for club members.

-He turned over a chart on different WIRE CONNECTORS to Webmaster to be posted for all to see. Very helpful for all to know                   what type of conductivity each type of connector possesses.

-He also handed over a BATTERY CAPACITY chart for posting.

Secretary, Dave C.

-He mentioned that it would be nice to have a prize give-away for  winners of each class of racing.  Once a month we can give out a                    prize (tape, micro fiber cloth, speed grease etc.) to the winners of  each class. This was put to a vote and the idea was accepted              unanimously.  $2 dollars was set for the amount that could be spent for any prize. No decision was made as to when this               will start.  IT IS POSSIBLE THAT MIKE ROEMER WILL PURCHASE  PRIZES. (not sure)

Treasurer, Chuck W., absent

-Report from Ron Saunders was that there is $1190 in racing account $ 370 in general fund

-Treasury report was approved.

Safety, Len H.

-Discussed that we need to do the Safety Ring practice throw.  It was decided that we will do this at Lake Mira Mar on the next two                  Tuesdays, September 13th and 20th.



Maintenance, Ken R. ,  Larry M.

-It is very tough to figure out and keep track of who it might be that ruins a particular buoy.  Boaters hit them, but who actually damages them to the point of replacement????????????. They will just replace them and turn in the replacement cost to Chuck for reimbursement.


Pres. Ron S. on COST OF RACING

-Fernando Gutierrez asked if everyone should have to pay the same amount to race?  Some race three times and others only race once.                   Should the price be $10.00 overall or $10.00 per class.  It will be $5.00 per class was the answer.

          -Ron further mentions that we need to start to think about where  we might hold our Christmas Party.

 PR, Dave V.

-He received one phone call with regard to membership.


Racing, Mike R.

-He mentions that LANE ASSIGNMENTS seem to be working out.  There was mixed feelings about this.  He said that all should try their best to stay in their lane.

-There were no CRY BABY awards given out last week.

-19th and 20th are the dates for Taveras regatta and bringing your boats is optional due to rough water. Volunteers are still needed.  This is  the weekend before Thanksgiving.  There is no need to set up on  Friday at Taveras as all can take place early Sat. (19th) morning.

Webmaster, George M.

-Reports that he is still not getting information in a timely manner.   He needs to know what  rules are changing.

-A discussion of having pictures of members on the website was had and George said it can be done.

Training, Paul P.

-Paul reports that no names have been given to him but Ron said that he will send the names of those wanting some training.




          -Rich Barrett

-George Meidhof

-Mike Pepe


We discussed Dunkin Donuts as a possible meeting place in order that Non Village (Fruitland Park) participants can  attend our meetings

 NEW MEMBER:  Lars Lindell.  Introduced himself.

 Minutes from last meeting were approved.