September 12 Meeting notes

Castaways Boat Worx Minutes   September 12, 2019 

Members Present:  19                      

New Members:    none                            

Pledge of Allegiance:   Completed

Minutes     Approved                                     

Treasurer:   Mike Roemer        

The breakdown is General Fund: 590.25          Racing Fund: 741.60                  Total 1331.85

Race Director:      none                         

Maintenance:       Lake is clean and ready to race

Safety:                Hadley. All is well.                            

Membership/Webmaster Web page is up to date. No new members    

Training:                  none                    

Publicity:   Everglades will host both Fast electric and Sail boats.

Rules:      none                                     

Old Business: 

November Day on the Lake. President will contact the Rec. dept. Get the date November 12, 2019, at Mari Mar

Everglades Recreation Center should open this fall or winter.

New Business:

Let’s Race was robbed and is reorganizing the store.


The Treasurer ordered 100 rolls of tape to get the maximum discount.

Tape will remain at $2 per roll.

Members will meet at Dunkin Donuts on Thursdays and Darrell’s on Tuesdays.

Closed business at 9:30 am.