Sept 13 meeting minutes

Castaways Boat Worx Minutes for Sept. 13, 2018

Members Present: 14
New Members: None
Pledge of Allegiance: Done
Minutes Minutes for last meeting approved

Treasurer: Mike Roemer
The breakdown is General Fund: $504 Racing Fund:$951 Total: $1455

Race Director: Mike R. Lars is the temporary race director for Saturday Maintenance: None
Safety: Discussion about first aid kit always going to Mari mar Rules: None

Membership: New member Vince Judd
Training: None
Web Master: Up to date
Publicity: Video development process is going slowly Discussions:

Old Business: President talked to Dylan and no shed would be allowed. Some storage may become available when the area under the deck is enclosed.

Buoys from sailboats are located on both sides of the lake. Members should keep cool heads when talking to sailboaters to “not rock the boat” regarding the buoys.

Recreation news listing for the Castaways is added on page 4. Page 27 will contain specific information.

The pond at the Everglade recreation center ( after crossing turnpike bridge on 468) allocated for RC Boats may not be any larger that the one we use now.

Discussion about 1 mile races and the need to change the boat setups was conducted. (parallel batteries, smaller props, more generated heat)

Adjourned at 9:38 am

David Lawrence… Secretary