October 2019 meeting notes

Castaways Boat Worx Minutes October 10, 2019

Members Present: 18
New Members: none
Pledge of Allegiance: Completed Minutes Approved

Treasurer: Mike Roemer Amounts to be determined. Mike has had a triple Bypass and is doing well.
The breakdown is General Fund: Racing Fund: Total

Race Director: none

Maintenance: none

Safety: none

Membership/Webmaster Web page is up to date. Will upload new video on LIPOs.

Training: none
Publicity: Everglades will host both Fast electric and Sailboats and

will clear weeds and add 2 feet to the water level. Rules: none

Old Business:

November Day on the Lake. President November 12, 2019, at Mari Mar Dave B will get the pit area prepared for boats
Limit 3 boats on the water at a time
Dave B will supervise the area

9-11 am with a 7:30 setup
Wear a club shirt ( Custom Apparel ) Need rescue boats and banner
Rick will handle parking

Tables, chairs tents and water supplied by TV Rec. Dept.

New Business:

Elections of Officers:

President. Vice President Secretary. Treasurer


Bob Bailey Jack Christine Mike Pepe Mike Roemer

Boat for guests to run on the lake.
Dave B. Boat sales.
Videos on our website.Dinner out with members and wives. Bob Bailey
Descriptive article about the Castaways Club to be written by Dave V and Dave L.
Day at the Lake article to

Closed business at 9:51 am.