November Meeting Notes

Pre meeting The next regular club meeting will be held at the Rt 441  Dunkin Doughnuts and will be our Christmas Party –  We will have some drawings for gift cards  – Lets Race and OSE ? and ???

 There will be a short meeting before the festivities? To hold elections and anything else that needs attention –


From the meeting  

 Treasurers Report – CHUCK –  We have $1843.00  $315.00 in General Fund and $1528 in the Racing Fund – dues are starting to come in.

For your info – The Race lake fee is $40.00 per month and is up to date.

If a new rescue boat is purchased both funds will be tapped.

 Safety Report – Len – No problems –

 Course Maintenance – Larry –  New barriers and a gate are being put up at Veterans Memorial Park as people – not us – haveBeen parking down by the water. We assume we will get a key for this gate so we can continue operations as before. 

The race course has been lengthened and mad e wider so we now have a NAMBA legal 1/8th  mile run.

 Website and Membership – George – making a new membership list. This is the reason ALL MEMBERS must fill out a new Application and hand in same with their dues for 2017.

 Mini Boats – Gary – 25 plus now on order All boats to be kept stock and are to stay away from the FE boat course.Batteries are limited to 2200 MAH and below (3s) Operators do NOT have to be NAMBA members to race these boats.

Race Director –  Mike R. – Please hand in all trophies ASAP so they may be reissued in January – Contact Mike if you Would like to help at the Tavares big boat races. That would be Nov. 19th and 20th.



 LOTS OF TALK AND INTEREST RE THIS SUBJECT.  Various changes  were made and voted upon. George kept track and made notes on these.

He will present an amended copy for approval at the next meeting?  One point of  interest that was clarified was in regard to boat owners who have somebody else (who knows HOW TO DRIVE) run their boat for them.  Any points garnered go to the BOAT OWNER ONLY by vote.

 Re the new motors –  Voted to use the Leopard 3660 if you wish to replace any Acqua Craft 2030 motors you may wish to replace. This will be legal anywhere a 2030 is legal now ……. You may continue to use the 2030 or 1800 motor if you desire to do so.

 Tech Session – Paul P and Chuck gave an informational talk on how to select a proper prop for a specific boat and then how to Prep the prop for racing. There was much more but you had to be there……………………..

Mike P.