December meeting notes

Castaways Meeting Minutes from December 14, 2017


A meeting and Christmas party combination took place at host Dave Volmers home – given all the great looking food and the way it was set out it appears Dave may have had substantial help from his better half.  Thank you both – everything was great.

These notes were taken by Mike Pepe and appear in the order that they were discussed – this was an informal meeting to say the least.

President Ron Saunders opened the meeting with a narrative of the Executive Boards actions regarding the new rescue boat built by Ken Ryker.  The vote was not to accept the new boat as the cost had far exceeded what was originally outlined to the club.

Ken had also offered to sell the club the sound system used at the race venue. A motion was made to purchase the system for the $400.00 asking price but it did not pass.  A replacement will have to be addressed at a later date.

There was also discussion about the old rescue boat which will have to be removed from Ken’s garage. Ken says he will complete the repair on the boat that he has started of some rot in the rear at the transom.  Storage will have to be found before the end of the month.

At this point Ron turned the meeting over to yours truly as the incoming President for the new year.  Thank you Ron for your two years of service to the club. You always kept us informed and amused at the same time.


President – Mike Pepe                              Vice-President – Ron Farkas

Treasurer – Mike Roemer                        Secretary – Jim Mars

Race Director – Rick Smith                      Public Relations – Dave Vollmers

Course Maintenance – Larry Minton

Webmaster – George Meidhof                           Publicity – Dave Lawrence

Safety – Hadley Stranghoner

Rules Committee – Rich Barrett and George Meidhof

Training – Ron Saunders

Since there was no secretary present, notes were taken by Mike Pepe.  Hopefully, future meetings will adhere closer to accepted rules.

Item – Lenny mentioned that the fire extinguisher (ABC) is ancient and appears discharged.  Hadley will see to a proper replacement.

Item – It was mentioned that the Recreation News item regarding our club needs updating.  The President will handle this.  Paul Pazitney will be the membership contact.

George Meidhof will see to a Villagers news item about the club.  Ron Saunders will be our training officer and states he will teach new members both the right and wrong way of boating.  No comment.  He will also bring the club demonstration boat to Mira Mar in his trailer so it may be used when desired.

Item – Grand Oaks – Motion was made during the past year that the second Saturday of each month would be Grand Oaks day, so to speak.  Several members have mentioned that it is difficult getting up and down to/from the water, while carrying a boat, due to the steep embankment.  The President will talk to Marilyn Hunt in relation to the building of the dock which was promised last year.  However, we will have to have a more active showing at the pond to cause this to happen.  If you do go there try the food at the Bistro – it is good and reasonable.

If anybody who reads this feels that something germane to the club has been omitted please let me know and we can add it later.