April 2019 meeting notes

Castaways Boat Worx Minutes for April 11, 2019


Members Present:       19

New Members:       None

Pledge of Allegiance:    Done

Minutes   Accepted

Treasurer:   Mike Roemer

The breakdown is General Fund:   457.25          Racing Fund: 1036.60

Total:  1493.85


Race Director:     Rick Smith will be away May to September

Mike R0emer will step in every 3rd Saturday.

A discussion related to supplying the rescue boat because Larry will be unavailable.  He offered a tow strap in case someone gets stuck removing the boat from the lake. I surmise 2 cars towing are better than one.


Safety: Hadley Stranghorner. Reported everything at the lake is okay 

Rules: Rich Barrett. No report

Membership: George Meidhof  No report

Training:  No report

Web Master: George Meidhof. No Report

Course Maintenance: Dave Buschman.  No Report

Publicity: Dave Volmer   No Report


Old Business:  It was decided that November is a good month for another “Day at the Lake” to attempt to draw more spectators.

A discussion followed to request from the Recreation Department a November Day at the Lake for 2019



Camp Villages  June 25, July 16, August 6

Mike Roemer agreed to write up some very basic bookkeeping procedures.

The Everglades Recreation Area, according to Pam Henry, will be for sailboats and the Fast RC Boats will remain where we are.

Dave Buschman donated a new Recoil to the club…. Thank you Dave.

Dave Buschman delivered an excellent “Tech Talk” regarding quick and simple electric boat maintenance tips.

Mike R agreed to write up some very basic bookkeeping procedures. The Membership moved and voted that expenditures over $200 be approved at a general membership meeting.


Adjourned at  9:44 am


David Lawrence…  Secretary


Club Officers:

President:               Mike Pepe

Vice President:       Bob Bailey

Secretary:               Dave Lawrence

Treasurer:               Mike Roemer

Race Director:        Rick Smith

Rules:                     Rich Barrett

Publicity:                Dave Volmer

Membership:         George Meidhof

Safety:                   Hadley Stranghoner

Web Master:         George Meidhof

Course Maint.       Dave Buschman

Larry Minton

Ken Ryker