July 2020 Meeting Minutes

Call to order – 0855 hrs

Sign in sheet – Not filled out due to Covid19 danger

Pledge of Allegiance – recited

New Members – Dave Craig introduced himself

Reading of last month’s minutes – Skipped

Treasurers Report    Mike R.  Total funds $701.60     Race Fund  $121.35


No reports from the following committees –

Race and events director


Membership & webmaster

Publicity – Dave stated that a reporter was possibly going to attend our meeting.

Training – Paul P.   Spoke re what ESC to use on a given boat.

The formula is Volts  x  Amps = watts (watts is power)


Old Business –  Motion made and seconded to accept new race rules as written – Passed

Pres Bob B stated that in conversation with the powers that be at Fruitland park we are again reminded to keep six feet of separation per CDC guidelines.


New Business – George M indicated that the race date changes made in May were done with no notification to the club as a whole.  He further felt that changes

such as this should only be made at a full meeting as opposed to just guys at Lake Mira Mar agreeing to it.  Pres Bob explained the process that was used to make

the change.


Bob suggested that we all try to think of ways to make money to donate to veterans causes.

Keith’s boat rescue – Pics and article were in the paper the first week of July.


Bob indicated that this club belongs to all – and that everybody needs to pitch in.  This is particularly evident  at the set up and completion of the race program.

If you have taken part of the race program then stay and help pick up.  Do what your health allows you to.  We have guys like Keith and Rick and on occasion

others who help clear things away and who do NOT race boats.  Nuff said!!


Adjournment of meeting – 0925 hrs.