March 2020 meeting notes

Call meeting to order – Pres Bailey called meeting to order at 9:00  AM

Pledge of Allegiance:  The Pledge was not recited due to the meeting being held outdoors at Dunkin D. (no flag avail)

New Members:   None present.

Reading of last months minutes:  Passed

Minutes:  The President stated that this would be a brief meeting.  The first item he mentioned was the fact that the club’s racing rules need to be edited.  It was

agreed that a group consisting of George M and Ron F. and Mike P. would each edit a copy of the rules and then get together and see what needs to be done.

The final draft would be presented to the Pres. and then eventually to the racing members for discussion and a vote of acceptance.


Other things in relation to racing mentioned was a hard cutoff for race signups and observer help for the race director during races.  Bob also mentioned

that at Mira Mar we have to be more vigilant watching out for high-speed boat vs duck contact.  Before running check the course and do some slow herding if

needed to clear it.  Nobody wants to injure or kill a duck and care needs to be taken at all times particularly early in the AM.

Treasurers Report:   General Fund – $730.25   Racing Fund – $321.35     Total:  $1051.60

Treas. Mike R. stated that we had several expenses for the rebuilding of the race lake rolling pier materials and ribbons for race winners.

Race Director:  Maintenance:  Safety:  Training: and Publicity:  All N/A

Membership/Webmaster:   George spoke on a subject important to all – Battery Safety.  Remain vigilant at all times.  As you all know we have had several

instances of house fires and of course little bonfires on the water. Charge and as importantly discharge your batteries to the proper voltage (3.80 volts per cell)

when you get home.  They will last for many more charge/discharge cycles if you do this. (and store more safely).  He also noted that there are a number of tutorials on battery safety on the website. He encourages all the new people to view them.


Adjournment of Meeting:  @ 9:25 AM